Every Winter


We found Blanco, Texas by chance the first winter we were on the road. We've come back every year since.

Blanco State Park is where we stay. It's a beautiful little park on the Blanco River, and it is right on the edge of the little town of Blanco, Texas. We can easily walk or ride our bikes into town. The photo is of the Blanco river in the park. That's a cypress tree across the river.

Over the years we've made friends here, and we more and more consider Blanco our home base. We spend more time here than anywhere else, including Minnesota.

For a couple months every winter, I volunteer at the park. I work in the park headquarters, registering campers and the like. Some years, when the park is short on volunteers, we also work as "hosts" in the campground. It's a friendly place to work, and I enjoy being a working part of the park.

Of course, I also see clients in Blanco, and continue to do readings via phone.

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