Real people tell about the benefits of a psychic reading from Jett Sophia.


"A reading from Jett is like a series of light bulbs going off, a series of ‘ahas’." E.L. Ireland

"It’s amazing to me how much awareness and growth can happen from a session with Jett Sophia." S.M. Vancouver


"After a reading with Jett Sophia, I feel a renewed sense of hope and happiness and am excited about what’s next and what’s possible." J.M. Minneapolis

"Your guidance over the years has been priceless. Because of your support and insights, I am now living the life I’ve dreamed of. You helped me see that it was possible and that I could do it." M.Z. Minneapolis

"I wanted you to know how helpful you’ve been during these years of my illness and now my preparation for death. You are a gifted psychic and I am grateful that I was able to work with you. Goodbye. I’ll see you on the other side." N.K. Minneapolis


"Jett has a great gift. After a reading with her, my life makes sense in a deep and healing way. I can see clearly, and Jett showed me how. She brings grace to my life." E.C. Duluth

"I so appreciate that Jett is out there in the world. She offers me such profound clarity on life as it unfolds. Her insights make it easy to turn frustrations and disappointments into opportunities." F.J. Duluth

"Jett doesn't necessarily tell me what I want to hear, she tells me the truth of what she sees, which invariably is exactly what I need in order to move forward." S.M. Minneapolis


"Jett gave me the support I needed to trust my intuition in making a career change. I was so afraid, but I went ahead anyway. I want everyone to know how happy I am now!" S.B. Atlanta

"Jett helps me trust myself." E.W. Minneapolis

Healing Perspective

It is my belief, after more than 20 years as a professional psychic, that everything in our lives has healing information for us. My readings bring you a perspective that allows for understanding, healing, and personal growth.

"Your reading was healing. It’s hard to believe how much lighter I feel. You shifted something. Life is not so difficult now." M.K. St. Paul

"I know I need to call Jett for a 'tune-up' when I start to feel down on myself. Her readings always give me a perspective on my life that is about growth and fulfillment." M.L. Mallorca


I look at how the energy of something interacts with your energy. This might be something you are thinking of bringing into your home, or something you are thinking of taking into or putting on your body. This can even be as broad as a location — someplace you are thinking of moving to or visiting.

"Jett helped me choose which products to use as I attempted to build a non-toxic house. Her psychic vision is accurate." T.C. Massachusetts

"Jett's reading on dental materials was invaluable in helping me find a filling that I could tolerate with my chemical sensitivities." D.M. Tuscon

"I couldn’t choose between two homes. Jett could see exactly how each house would affect my life and my happiness. Her insights helped me choose. I will be forever grateful." L.M. New Mexico


I can communicate with souls who have preceded you — people and animals who have died. I will help you make sense of their death, their life, your relationship with them, and whatever else you are looking for.

"My mother died 25 years ago, leaving many things unresolved between us. In a reading, Jett described my mother to a T. Jett's ability to read my mother, both as who she was and as who she is now, has been profoundly useful to me." K.E. Duluth

"I was so despondent when my dog died. I thought it was my fault. You helped me understand what really happened. Thank you." B.R. Texas

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