January 2005

Open Your Chest; About My Name

Working with breath and gratitude and generosity, and being well hydrated, will have an effect on your heart. Your heart will open up, be enlivened, get stronger. You want to give your heart the best possible environment.

During the day, become aware of your chest. How open is it? What is your posture like? See if you can't open your chest up some more. I know a woman who takes long walks with a golf club. She grips the golf club on both ends and uses it to stretch her shoulders and chest while she walks. There are yoga postures for opening the chest. Use your exercise ball if you have one. Set a timer, and every 30 minutes take time to stretch and open your chest. Add opening your chest to the list.

See how you like it. Let me know.

The name

I have changed my name to Jet Sophia. I found the name on new year's day, and I've just this week begun using it deliberately. I know a name change, especially a first name, can hard for people to accommodate. I won't be mad if you call me Nancy for as long as you need to. Do you want to know why/how I decided to change my name? You can find that story at What's in a Name?

I have to wonder what the connection is between my breath and water practice and finding a new name?