August, 2005

3-segments, Gratitude

You divided your breathing time into three segments, and you're using the final third to practice gratitude. Here's what I want you to do with the first third. Set your tone for the coming day. Decide what you want to experience in the coming hours, decide what energy you want to do your day in. Your day or your night, depending on whether this is your morning or evening breathing time.

I may choose joy, contentment, satisfaction, curiosity, hopefulness, peacefulness, love, a sense of community, friendliness, an awareness of beauty, connection with all life, open to intuition, playfulness. You get the idea. What you choose in the morning may be quite different from what you choose in the evening. Or it could be the same. You may choose the same quality for many days in a row, or you may change from day to day.

Once you've chosen the energy you want to experience in the coming hours, make a statement of intent, out-loud is useful. Then see if you can fill yourself with that energy while you breathe for 5 minutes. Set your timer.

So, I make my statement of intent something like this: I desire to experience joy today. Or maybe, I intend to be aware of beauty today; or I wish to see the perfection in every person and situation today. Then I set the timer for 5 minutes and breathe while I feel my body filled with that very feeling. Then simply breathe for 5 minutes, intentional, aware breathing. Then finish up with 5 minutes of gratitude. Using the timer takes your mind off wondering how long you've been at it.

Do this every time you sit down to do your Intentional Breathing, or do it a few times a week. Work with it. This is a bit more complex than just breathing, but I'm willing to bet that you'll be impressed with the results.

And of course, let me know how it goes!